Welcome to My French Homestead… I’m Tina!

In a world that says you can’t – I SAY YOU CAN!


Let’s take this journey together in the beautiful south of France.

A journey back to a life of simplicity and authenticity. I knew to THRIVE and not just survive. I needed a more connected, balanced lifestyle.  As most of us do! I dreamt of a life where I could intergrate my work with my passions and live authentically so I decided to take ACTION and make it happen.

Starting a new journey at 50 people told me that renovating a 300 year old French property on my OWN that had not been lived in for more than 30 yrs was mad. But I am full of excitement because I am not just renovating a property. I’m living my authentic life. Always

In a world that says you can’t – I SAY YOU CAN!

I’ve never been good at doing what others expect of me or accepting limitations that others try place on me. So instead I gave myself a year to renovate my home, create the self sufficient connected lifestyle I had dreamed of.

I decided to film and document the journey along the way. Both the highs and the lows.  I wanted to inspire others,  to shut out negativity  reconnect with themselves to follow their authentic life too..  no matter what that is!.

So I hope as you following my journey, it ignites a spark in you that inspires you to reach towards your authentic life.

Whatever that may be.

Love Tina xx

There is only one way to create the life you want and that is:

“In a world that says you can’t” start saying  “YES- I CAN!”

I did and that is the reason I am  living the autentic life I  had dreamed of .

Why Homesteading?

Ever since I came to France 30 yrs ago and saw my 90 year old neighbor tending to her “potage” every morning before the sun came up. I wandered how she could do it? Such hard work at her age, yet she was thriving! It was only after I got to know her and another neighbor, two beautiful Bio Farmer’s that I really understood.

My whole world changed then, in the way I looked at food, I started my own 1 acre potage. Started learning how to grow and preserve my own food.  My inner pioneer had just been waiting to be unleashed as I experience the extraordinary rewards of homesteading. My attitude changed from living In a world that says you can’t – I SAY YOU CAN became my new motto.

1. It’s Connection with the very Essence of Nature

Homesteading allows us to immerse ourselves in the raw beauty of nature. While cultivating a thriving garden, raising livestock, and nurturing the land,  you establish a profound connection with yourselves and  Mother Earth, this connection awakens our senses and restores harmony in our lives and body through being present.

2. The True Essence of Food

There is unparalleled delight as you indulge in your homegrown, organic produce. The pure pleasure and sense of achievement when harvesting your own bountiful crops, full of incredible flavors and nourishing goodness that only nature can provide. Preparing meals from the garden incorporates all of your 5 senses, as each bite becomes a celebration of your efforts, wholesome nutrition and pure joy.

3. Embracing Sustainable Living

In a mass produced, throw a way world, homesteading allows me to become  a steward of the Earth,  teaching my children about sustainability and environmental responsibility for generations to come.   It’s empowering to live in harmony with the nature.

4. Thriving in Health and Vitality

Working on the homestead  gardening, tending to the animals, and harvesting is hard physical labor,  yet rewarding. Being grounded in nature rejuvenates both mind and body. After a long day’s work the body feels tired by bedtime but there is a real sense of achievement, which invigorates the soul.

5. It Ignites the Creative Soul

“Creative freedom is only limited by imagination.”  I love that the homestead is an open canvas for self-expression the allows the soul to express itself through nature.  Each project is born out of the souls unique vision and inner talents that creates a sustainable future.


The Journey of creating a life of self sufficiency begins

The building blocks to creating the Homestead & Lifestyle

Finding the right home

  I Stopped forcing & Start allowing

The right property was just waiting for me to come into alignment

The Renovation

“Every building has a soul”

My job is to honor it and ensure the renovation is authentic.


Nature teaches us so much about life. Planting the vegetable garden is a belief in the future.”

 Feeding it with love and nurturing it, to grow strong and healthy


The Animals bring life to the homestead, you take care of them and they take care of you

Healthy Food

The result of your hard work”

Conserving your own food is the reward of putting your faith in nature


Reconnecting with Nature, Creating a more Enjoyable Meaningful way of Life

If you would like to support the journey. Your support means everything !

There is something very special about old French buildings..

Old Stone house are becoming rarer theses days to find. Especially properties that haven’t been spoilt by modern renovations.  So to find an 18 century property that still feels and looks like the 18th century. Where the very essence of the property hasn’t been spoilt is wonderful. I knew straight away the property was for me.

When I’m walking around doing work. Its so easy to think of history. The property has stood for over 300 years is amazing.

If only the walls could talk, the history and stories they could tell.

I’ve been able to trace my property back to Roman times and lucky enough to find the original Roman tiles in the bread oven.

It’s so important for me to ensure the renovation is eco friendly and keeping the soul of the property authentic.  While I’m working, it’s so easy to image how people worked and lived in the space, how they used the land in the past.

The property was originally part of the local chateau grounds, and the tenant would collect rent and supply bread for the chateau.

Today the buildings are separate dwellings but years ago they were one big community all working for the estate..



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The Orchard In Full Bloom

One of the projects I cannot wait to start is restoring the bread Oven!

Now as a family who loves to bake with a son who is an artisan boulanger and someone who bakes her own bread every day. I cannot wait to renovate this beautiful bread oven back to it’s former glory. So we can bake some bread again.

This picture was painted when the roof was still in tact. Unfortunately now it’s fallen in but this picture gives me inspiration as too how it will look again once it’s been restored. The original roman tiles still on the floor adding that extra peice of history. 

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