I stopped Forcing and Started Allowing

The right property was just waiting for me to come into alignment! I just had to realise it

Loving what you do and where you live is such an important factor in your overall happiness and wellbeing.

I knew the life I wanted to create, I had dreamed about it.  I knew the exact type of property I wanted to buy, I had envisioned it many times.  An old stone property I could make my own, with enough land to turn into a thriving homestead. A place where I could persue a simpler more connected way of life. A life that enabled me to live my passions every day. I love animals, gardening, growing my own food. Preserving and cooking, I wanted a place I could become fully self sufficient.

So it should have been easy right?

Well the journey took a few unexpected deviations along the way. I knew deep down that the life I wanted was available to me. So why did it take so long to happen?

My Ducks Were Out Of Line

my ducks were out line

When I started to journey to find my new homestead, consciously I thought my ducks were all moving in the same direction. That direction was the cote d’azur (Nice in particular)  great weather next to the stunning beaches and I had been given the opportunity to have a space within an existing Therapy clinic. (I should have been happy almost guaranteed income and stability). So why wasn’t I? 

The problem was that my conscious ducks (What I thought I wanted) were not in line with my subconscious ducks (what I actually needed).

  • I wanted the property I had dreamed of . ( Only thing was these types of old stone properties were not build next to the ocean, well not unless you had millions to spend). Which meant I would have had to compromise on my dream.


  • I also wanted to stop my existing career, Therapy and make a living from the homestead. ( This was a big one to resolve as it was security vs uncertainty) both issues were stopping me from finding the property of my dreams.

I Needed Faith

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” 

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Deep-down I knew Nice was not for me.  Even if I eventually found a property it would be a compromise and working in the city meant I would not have the time or energy to live my dream life. So I chose to say No to the job and the ocean an YES to my dreams.

Was it scary or exciting? (the body does not know the different only what you validate). So as soon as I felt that emotion in my stomach I said . OH how exciting! I have no idea where I will end up but I trust things will work out for me.



Become Crystal Clear On What You Want!

The quicker you narrow down and define what you want in every aspect of your life,  the faster you can create it. We don’t get in life what we deserve, we get the emotion we vibrate at.  Therefore if you are not clear about what you want for every area of your life you cannot create it. Without compromising on your dreams because you are vibrating at confusion and uncertainty.
become crystal clear about the life you want
  • What type of house do you want
  • What type of environment do you want to live in?
  • Do you need be around others or do you like privacy
  • What will you do in your new Home & Life
  • How will you support yourself ?
  • Do you want the Ocean , City, or the Countryside.
  • Do you want shops and restaurants close bye or complete peace?
These are just a few questions to journal on that will bring you closer to finding your dream life.


Once you become crystal clear on what you want! Your ducks are not only moving in the right direction but quacking!

This is what I did. I became crystal clear on what I wanted from all aspects of life , then I allowed it to happen! I said no to everything that did not take me closer to what I wanted.  I was tested a few times but it is about faith:

Believe in yourself and the things you cannot see .

Your reward is seeing what you believe.

In my case the homestead of my dreams.



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