Planting the first seedlings on the journey to self sufficiency


Permaculture Starting Point.

It’s hard to know what’s in the food we consume these days, as so much of the food we eat is full of harmful additives and preservatives.  So starting an organic permaculture system from scratch is the only way forward!

Now I’m not normally the planning type but where the garden is concerned I make an exception.  Otherwise I would want to grow everything!

Keeping a garden planner is a great tool to help to know when to start your seedlings, plant and harvest your homegrown produce. It also helps you see how much progress has been made towards achieving the overall goal of being 100% self sufficient.

  • Fruit Garden
  • Vegetable garden
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A Pantry planner


Just as a garden planner is a great way to know when to plant and harvest your fruit and veg.  A Pantry planner is a fabulous way to know what you need to grow  and preserve each season that will enable you grow and preserve enough to last you through to the next growing season.

Planning what to grow based on a detailed list of the foods you eat is a more efficient way of getting closer to your self sufficiency goals.

What conserves have already been used up off your pantry selves? is a good indicator of what you need to be growing more of. This means that your shelves are not stacked with jars of jams that stay there.  Instead meals that you actually eat.  Then your pantry becomes a system of rotation instead of stockage.

The Orchard Is In Full Bloom, But still with Space to Plant More Fruit Trees!

Shopping Time! Yipee 24 new fruit trees🌳

To be 100% self-sufficient, I realized that our existing orchard needed to be doubled. After considering various options, I decided to choose a varity of trees that produce both early and late crops.

This helps us spread out the harvest and adds diversity to our orchard meaning I can grow pretty much everything I would normally buy in the shops.

By adding these extra 24 trees, we can ensure that we have all the necessary nutricional value we need.

Feeling excited, it was time to go shopping at the local farm! I specifically chose trees that were 5 years old, so they would fruit immediately the small extra cost was worth it.

It was also crucial to plant the fruit trees in Autumn, allowing them to establish a robust root systems before the temperatures started to rise. If I had waited till spring then I would have need to water them constantly .

my french homestead

Finding Pleasure in the Simple Things Of Life

Oh how enjoyable it is when your crop comes into season, being able to Grow, Harvest and Preserve your own food provides so much satisfaction. The joy of knowing exactly what is in your food when open a jar of preserved blueberries to pop on top of your pancakes makes it all worth the effort.

Many years ago I heard the statement :

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” at that time in life I wasn’t taking care of my mind or my body. No wonder life was a struggle!

Now I understand perfectly how the body needs balance in all areas of life.

Taking pleasure in the simple things of life being connected to nature gives me that balance and I make it a priority to take care of both my mind and my body.

The feeling my body has when its’ nourished with healthy nutritional food keeps me in balance. Once your body gets used to eating food that is free form additives and preservatives the difference is incredible! “There is no going back!” 

This is one of the reasons I love homesteading.